Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chandra Guru Yoga


Guru Chandra Yoga occurs when Guru is in the trikonas (1,5,or 9) to the Moon. Guru Chandra makes the native a highly knowledgeable scholar and the person will be known for his/her educative talents. But if they do the job / profession, it is not related to their education. Usually such people are found in export and import business and also in politics. They gain high popularity and financial gains of millions (if Jupiter and moon are both in beneficial houses) either during Chandra or in Jupiter dasa. Guru Chandra yoga gives a person high education talent and prosperity. These people will be successful in a different field from their field of experience. For example, a movie actor will suddenly turn as a spiritual guru and succeed in that arena.

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  1. Hello Snila Ji

    My Name is Pradeep Vishwakarma
    DOB - 8 july 1976
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    Currently i am running in a very bad phase(finance & health, etc).
    When will my Good phase start. I mean I don't have my own house. will i be able to buy a house on my own?
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